Making good use of camel resources to serve human society

One of the most memorable highlights of visiting Dubai
is Camel Race by Robot Riders

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With an area of ​​nearly 30,000 square meters, the sports management company under the Royal Camel Group of the United Arab Emirates has specially set up the Dubai Royal Camel Race, which is located in the world’s largest camel breeding base: Camelicious Dubai Royal Camel Milk Factory. Camel, a standard camel track over 400 meters, leisure area, entertainment area, viewing area are all available.


Guess the winner and get a chance to win a value of 600 AED shopping voucher. Pick anything you want from Royal Camel Racing Club! Camel Milk ,Camel milk chocolate, Camel milk personal care etc !

Enjoy sitting on the first Camel Carriage in the world, give a try on Camel Riding and Dune buggy driving.

Interact with camels by feeding carrots, camel’s favorite food!

Try delicious cuisine and drinks, camel meat burger, hot dog , Camel Milk bubble Tea, etc

Experience Bedouin tent, get to know more Arabian characteristics

Watch a fantastic camel racing show with your family, friends and lover.



AED 90


AED 160


AED 200

Ticket Inclusions




Annual membership details

01 level

AED50000/year,10% off all retail items, you can bring 1 friend to use the VIP room for 20 hours a year for free. including unlimited dairy products, refreshments。

02 level

AED100000/year,20% off on retail items, you can bring 2 friends to use VIP room for 40 hours a year for free, including unlimited dairy products, refreshments,

03 level

AED200000/year,30% off on retail items, you can bring 3 friends to use VIP room for free 80 hours a year,including unlimited dairy products, refreshments,

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Dear customers, due to COVID-19 we are currently opening on Wednesday and Friday afternoon only , to book tickets and confirm time,please call : +971 4294 6644